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Sensor Modeling & Simulation

We provide software solution, technical consulting and technical training for synthetic imagery simulation based on SE-Workbench product of OKTAL-SE company which is professional company in multi-sensor simulation. SE-Workbench product group developed based on precise physical model is a COTS software with reliability and stability and it provides various synthetic environment solution for multi sensor simulation such as Electro-Optic : Visible, Infrared, Laser, Radio-Frequency : Radar, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and so on.


    SE-AGETIM is an integrated software tools suite that enables 3D environment generation. Those environments can be used for simulation at a user specified resolution level. SE-AGETIM is dedicated to GIS experts especially. SE-AGETIM enables full integratio

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    SE-AGETIM-LIGHT is a simple standalone software that enables easy 3D environment generation that can be used for sensor simulation. SE-AGETIM-LIGHT allows integration of various geographical data sources. Some physical database extensions mechanisms are

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    SE-AGETIM-BUILDING is a software tool dedicated to the edition of building templates. It also handles the extrusion of buildings from those templates in the SE-AGETIM software.A building template is an abstract description of the outside structure and asp

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    SE-AGETIM-INDOOR is dedicated to the edition of building plans, including furniture, lighting and decoration objects. SE-AGETIM-INDOOR automatically handles the extrusion of buildings with exterior and interior structures (walls, floors, staircase...).A b

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