High Performance Computing

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High Performance Computing


The demand for HPC is increasing at public institution, school, laboratory and so on because the importance of data processing speed is continuously increased according to the increasing of mass data and information such as big data, UHD/FHD, simulation and so on. High Density Compute Accelerator provides differential product with other HPCs by using GPU not CPU.

Product Characteristic and Service

  • 4 Integrated Canister
    (16 GPU Card)

    Expandability - 16 GPU cards are equipped in one device

    4 GPU cards are equipped on one canister and 4 canisters are equipped in one accelerator, so has best expandability possible to equip total 16 GPU cards. It is possible to realize best specification the customer want based on this expandability.

  • Compatible GPU cards

    Compatibility - Possible to use GPU cards of various companies

    It is possible to use best specification GPU cards of NVIDA, AMD and Intel actively producing GPU cards in the market. It is possible to interchange the GPU cards the customer want.

  • CA16000

    Effectiveness - Effectiveness in price and using the space with only one analyzer comparing existing server composition

    It is possible to realize complex calculation needing numerous servers only with one accelerator.
    It has great price effectiveness substitute for enormous server amount only with one accelerator.
    Also, the effectiveness in using the space is very excellent because it reduces the space possessed by several servers and use the space possessed by the server to other usage.

Network Switch
  • GPUltima
  • HDCA
  • Canisters
  • Compatible GPU cards
    • NVIDAI Tesla GPUs
    • Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors
    • Geforce GTX 1080
    • AMD FirePro S9170


  • Servers Servers Optimized for PCle Expansion

    • 1U 5500/5600-Series Server
    • Expansion Optimized Server
    • 3U 5000-Series Server
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  • Desktop Computing Appliances Compute Power or flash storage to PC or Laptop

    • FlashCUBE
    • Flash-µCUBE
    • GPU CUBE
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  • GPU Appliances Built for Deep Learning and Networked GPU Compute Power

    • GPU Accelerated Servers
    • GPUltima One Node
    • GPUltima Two Node
    • GPUltima Three Node
    • GPUltima (Eight Node)
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  • GPU Expansion Add thousands of cores and hundreds of Tflops to your systems

    • 1U Compute Accelerator
    • 2U Compute Accelerator
    • 3U Compute Accelerator
    • 4U Compute Accelerator
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  • VIDEO Acceleration Platform

    • MaxCore™ Platform
    • SharpStreamer™ Pro PCIE-7210
    • SharpStreamer™ PCIE-7207
    • SharpStreamer™ Mini PCIE-7205
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  • Machine Learning
    Deep learning
    Image Recognition
    Autonomous Cars
    Real-Time Voice Translation
    Other applications
  • Finance
    Monte Carlo Simulations
    High Frequency Trading
    Partial Differential Equations
    Risk Analytics
    Other Applications
  • Defense
    Geospatial Visualization
    Other applications
  • Media and Entertainment
    Video Stroage
    Video Rendering
    Color Grading-Video Editing
  • Medical
    Image Processing
    Bio Informatics
  • Research
    Molecular Dynamics
    Numerical Analytics
    Weather and Climate Forecasting
  • Oil and Gas
    Seismic Processing and Interpretation Reservoir Modeling