Industrial PCs&Fanless Industrial PCs

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Industrial PCs&Fanless Industrial PCs


Acetec has professional technology for dustproof, earthquake-proof and temperature treatment requiring to industrial PC and provides the service to design and manufacture special purpose customized industrial PC by optimized system design to the industrial site and the design for arrangement of sash and radiant heat.

Quality Management System Certificate

Industrial PC of Acetec is certified the reliability of the product for domestic customers by acquiring KC certificate mark which is national integrated certificate mark. Also, it is possible to acquire all the certificates for each country for domestic and overseas market through national official certificate institute. In addition, we verified and maintaining the quality and the effort for customer satisfaction effectively by quality management system certificate according to ISO 9001:2008 / KS Q ISO 9001:2009. View Product Certificate

Product Characteristic and Service

  • Enclosed sash
    Block dust inflow
    Dust environment condition: IP5 (Korea Safety Certificate Center)
  • Fanless design
    Low noise: Less than 20 dB
    (0 dB when use SSD)
    Fanless power supply
  • Earthquake-resistant design
    HDD vibration prevention device
    Vibration: 20~200Hz, 1G, X, Y, Z 3-axis
    (Completed the test by the Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • Fanless radiant heat technology
    Parallel type heat sink (Patent technology)
    Heat sink contact prevention safety cover
  • Wide application
    HMI/controller for industrial site with high temperature and lots of dust
    Process monitoring HMI
    Process control L1
  • I/O expansion device
    Fixed slot
    (Provides 1, 4, 7 slots)
    Possible to combine various input output device
  • Technical Characteristics
    Durability strong to vibration
    Fanless design to block the dust
    High performance CPU equipment to enlarge HMI usability
    Product group possible to install various type
    Secure the compatibility and expandability of the application
  • Effects
    Remove the cause of small faults by dust inflow prevention design
    Reduce fan clean/maintenance cost
    Increase work efficiency and productivity with enlarged availability
    Increase work concentration by removing fan noise
    Reduce 80% of the energy comparing existing computer
  • Fanless radiant heat technology
    The heat of major radiant heat parts such as CPU, GPU, I/O and so on transferred to parallel type heat sink passed through heat pipe module and naturally released by heat sink.

Fanless radiant heat technology / Parallel type heat sink

The heat of major radiant heat parts such as CPU, GPU, I/O and so on transferred to parallel type heat sink passed through heat pipe module and naturally released by heat sink.



  • Multi function business machine for administrative net
  • Special purpose PC for administrative net
  • Public institution
  • Monitoring facility
  • Construction vehicle system
  • Military use
  • Factory monitoring HMI
  • Iron/steel manufacturing and water/wind power generation system state monitoring
  • Railway and train control
  • Facility automation, unmanned automation, petroleum/chemical factory control
  • Semiconductor quality test
  • Manufacturing quality test
  • Data Monitering & IoT
  • Manufacturing
  • Building Automation
  • Industrial Automation and control
  • Kiosks
  • Digital signage
  • Security and Surveilance
  • Transportation
  • Networking and communication

Customizing success cases

  • 40U 10NODE Super Computing System
  • Portable radar navigation sensor
  • 36U Modeling and Simulation System
  • ACE-BoxIPC-ISIG (Vessel satellite gateway device)
  • MR-450 (Sensor data converter for vessel)
  • ACE-LI-AG-001 (Performance simulator)
  • ACE-PPC-23H
  • ACE-HD-10T (Integrated navigation sensor gathering device)
  • ACE-2016-EM-01
  • Prototype production stage

  • Real product mass production

All the processes from 3D modeling, tool design to prototype production (Mock-up), mold production and mass production is executed at our manufacturing factory as a one-stop system.