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Radar Processing and Display Solution

SPx is Cambridge Pixel's integrated radar processing and display software based on COTS software and Open Standards. Available as single modules to add capability to your existing application, or a fully interoperable suite that forms a standalone application, SPx is modular, flexible and extensible to meet your needs.

  • SPx Server for Target Tracking

    SPx Server is a multi-function radar processor that, with different license options, can provide the capabilities of a radar distribution server, plot extractor and target tracker. Receiving radar video from a sensor either through the HPx family or direct from a network, SPx Server provides a set of configurable processing modules that permit the incoming video to be processed prior to distribution and analysis.

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  • RadarView for Radar Visualisation

    RadarView is Cambridge Pixel's Windows-based software application for the capture and visualization of primary radar video.With radar video received from a remote server (SPx Server), a direct network interface from the radar, or a HPx radar capture card, RadarView provides a ready-to-run display application.

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  • SPx Radar Simulator

    The SPx Radar Simulator is a Windows-based software application that generates simulated radar video data and distributes it across a network socket. SPx Radar Simulator can access terrain elevation data and use this to synthesise realistic radar returns.

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  • SPx Development

    Cambridge Pixel's SPx Development software is aimed at developers who want to incorporate radar processing or display capabilities into a customised server or client. product.SPx provides ready-to-run software products for radar visualisation (RadarView), radar video distribution, plot extraction and target tracking (SPx Server). These products are themselves built from the SPx library.

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  • SPx Fusion Server

    SPx Fusion is a component of the Cambridge Pixel SPx radar processing family and provides the capability to fuse observations from multiple independent sensors into a single stream of correlated reports.

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  • RDR Data Recorder

    Cambridge Pixel's RDR application provides a full-featured, multichannel record and replay solution for a multitude of input data types and formats. The RDR application can record radar video data, target tracks, AIS, ADS-B, IFF and navigation data, simultaneously within a synchronised data file structure.

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  • VSD (Video Security Display Application)

    The VSD application software is a complete end-user display application that interfaces to radars and cameras, providing a readymade situational awareness display.

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  • ASD-100

    ASD-100 is Cambridge Pixel's PC-based air surveillance display application for both primary and secondary radar data. It is a complete ready-to-run Windows application for display of radar and associated information, including: radar video, tracks and safety alarms.

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  • SPx-Scan

    SPx-Scan, Cambridge Pixel's software-based radar scan converter, provides a field-proven, high quality radar display solution. Designed to work with Windows and Linux/X11, the scan converter simplifies the integration of radar into an existing graphics application, supporting full multi-layered display presentations.

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  • SPx Radar Image Server

    SPx Radar Image Server (RIS) is a scan conversion server that captures radar video and scan converts using one of a number of predefined views into one or more radar images that may be delivered to client applications or web browsers.

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  • SPx-AV

    SPx AV is Cambridge Pixel's audio and video streaming software, which allows audio and video data from multiple sources to be compressed, distributed and recorded.The server software is available as an executable application (SPx AV-Server) or as a C++ library (middleware), allowing users to write their own server application if they wish.

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