R&D Center

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R&D Center

Major Possessed Technology

01. Embedded image processing system design and construction technology

  • Vision-based navigation, vision-based guidance
  • Real-time automatic target extraction, tracking and recognition for security monitoring and surveillance patrol
  • Automatic driving of unmanned vehicle and so on
  • Localization in FPGA realization of using algorithm
  • Computer vision algorithm research
  • Image signal processing application technology: Ultrahigh speed DSP board
  • Vector Signal Image Processing Library (VSIPL) programming technology
  • High speed image processing camera/display interface technology
  • Image processing algorithm FPGA realization technology: IP design, Matlab/Simulink, C2HDL
  • Infrared image signal processing simulation unit development
  • Target tracking algorithm using Kalman filter
  • Strict target tracking to surrounding environment such as change of lighting on day and night

02. Simulator computer system development M&S field in military & aerospace area: Algorithm verification, verification data generation

  • Airplane simulator host computer development technology
  • Tank gunnery training simulator host computer development technology
  • Central Simulation Computer (CSC) and Real-Time Unit (RTU) design technology

03. Flight test control and satellite launching control system design and construction technology

  • Flight test devices (Radar, GPS, Nidar, Telemetry) interface technology
  • Real-time flight test data transcipient processing and test algorithm realization technology

04. Bus architecture application technology

  • Embedded system real-time IO interface technology
  • Design and consulting technology for real-time OS application system construction
  • BSP for Vxworks porting, device driver porting and so on
  • VME/VPX system design

05. Ruggedized System design and production technology

  • Fanless radiant heat technology
  • Heat pipe and heat sink optimization technology
  • Vibration resistant system structure design
  • Dust inflow minimizing design technology


Image processing algorithm research

Researches for high performance and intelligent image processing for precise surveillance of national major industrial facility and distinguish, check and monitor moving target at ceasefire line or coastline.

  • Image Stabilization: Algorithm to calibrate the vibration of the image
  • Image Panorama: Algorithm to secure widespread FOV
  • Image Tracking: Algorithm to track extracted target

Develop and design applying optimum algorithm excluding above.

GPU based high speed image processing

High speed image processing is possible in embedded environment also besides general computing environment by realizing open domain algorithm (OpenCV) image processing performance limitation based on NVIDIA/ATI GPU solution. It is suitable to the system requiring a little more improved performance than existing CPU based performance and it can reduce the development period, development cost and can take satisfactory performance based on more improved processing performance.

Rugged System

  • Intel Core2 Duo 2.0GHz
  • DC Power Supply (12~36V)
  • Video Input: NTSC Analog
  • GPU Acceleration: NVIDIA 9600GT, GTX280
  • VGA & DVI Display Output

Image processing FPGA IP design

We provide optimum solution to the customers by realizing high speed and high performance image processing algorithm.

  • Image Registration
  • Image Stabilization
  • Image Feature Detection
  • Image Panorama
  • Image Fusion

High performance embedded system design

It is possible to build high performance image processing solution using ultra high speed DSP VME board as image signal processing application technology.
Also, it is possible to develop more conveniently and easily by programming using Vector Signal Image Processing Library (VSIPL) on this.

  • 4x MPC7448@ 1GHz to 1.4GHz
  • Up to 2GB DDR SDRAM, 256MB Flash
  • 2 x bridged PMC sites
  • 2 x StarFabric ports to P0
  • 4 x independent GB Ethernet ports
  • Advanced multiprocessor integrated S/W
  • BSP for VxWorks, LynxOS and integrity
  • Air and conduction-cooled variants for ruggedization levels

Real-time simulation system

It has high reliability because it supports high precision time using VME based high performance SBC board and possible to operate stably.

System board VME PowerPC SBC Board (MPC8641D)
RS-422 (ASYNC/SYNC, 1Mbit/s)
10/100/1000MB Ethernet (9k Jumbo Packet)
Discrete I/O, Analog I/O, CAN, SCRAMNET, etc
Real-Time Data Shared Memory
Real-Time OS (VxWorks 6.8 or higher)
Synchro/Resolver IRIG-B (Optional)
Characteristic IPC function between multi VME processors (VxMP)
RS-422 ASYNC communication (HDLC, 1Mbit/s)
RS-422 ASYNC.SYNC communication (HDLC, SDLC, 1~10Mbit/s)
Precision time operation within 250㎲ per frame
Provides RTSDrv pack and RTSCore pack
Function System control
Data acquisition and storage
Data graph output and analysis
Applications Flight Simulator (6 DOF)
Full-Flight Simulator
Missile/Satellite Test
Guidance Computer Test
Hardware In the Loop Simulation (HILS)
System control
Data acquisition and storage
Data graph output and analysis
Flight Simulator (6 DOF)
Full-Flight Simulator
Missile/Satellite Test
Guidance Computer Test
Hardware In the Loop Simulation (HILS)