SPx Radar Scan Conversion
■ Cambridge Pixel is a world-leading supplier of advanced radar display solutions. We supply ready-to-run display applic...
SPx Radar Simulator
■ SPx Radar Simulator is an executable program that generates simulated radar video data and distributes it across a net...
SPx AV Video Software
■ SPx AV is Cambridge Pixel’s audio and video streaming, processing and display software.
Radar Image Server (RIS)
■ SPx Radar Image Server (RIS) is a scan conversion server that receives radar video and scan converts into one or more ...
■ SPx ECDIS Radar Kit
■ RadarView is Cambridge Pixel's PC-based radar visualisation software.
SPx Server
■ SPx Server, a component of the Cambridge Pixel SPx radar processing family, is a COTS primary radar data extractor and...
HPx Series Radar Interface Cards
■ The HPx Series of Radar Interface Cards from Cambridge Pixel includes the HPx-250, HPx-200, HPx-200e and HPx-200C card...
SPx Screen Recorder
■ SPx Screen Recorder provides a software-based screen capture and record capability for Linux.
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