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 Wind River
Embedded Operating Systems
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Test Management
Wind River Helix
Wind River Helix
■ 이슈가 발생했을 때 즉각적으로 이를 알려, 미션 크리티컬 IoT디바이스의 운영을 보장합니다.
■ 원격 진단 및 원격 디바이스 수리가 가능해 양방향 연결에 대한 보안을 제공합니다.
Wind River VxWorks
■ The RTOS That Powers More Than 1 Billion Embedded Systems Around the Globe
■ Break through the RTOS 4GB memory barrie...
Wind River Linux 4
■ Smaller. Smarter. Faster. More Secure. We Take Linux Everywhere.
■ Wind River Linux customers are leaders in technolo...
Wind River Linux Secure
■ Open Source. Commercial Grade. EAL4+ Certified. Wind River Linux Secure Is up to the Job.
Wind River Hypervisor
■ Real-Time Embedded Virtualization
■ Provides integration with Wind River Linux and VxWorks guests, and supports third...
Wind River Workbench
■ From Command Line to Generic Eclipse to Full Commercial Suites – Developers Choose Wind River Workbench
Wind River Simics
■ Transform Your Product Development Life Cycle
■ Reduce risks associated with new technologies such as multi-core
■ R...
Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite
■ Codeless Embedded GUI Development
■ A powerful interface builder
■ APIs for integration with your application
■ A r...
Wind River Test Management
■ Reduce Risk of Unexpected Defects in the Field and Manage the Ripple Effects of Change
■ Coverage and performance met...
Wind River Middleware
■ Advanced Networking Technologies
■ Network Management
■ APIs and Protocols
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