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첨부파일1 PCIE-5565PIORC_Datasheet.pdf
■ The PCIE-5565PIORC low profile PCI Express (PCIe) Reflective Memory node card provides a high-speed, low latency, deterministic interface that allows data to be shared between up to 256 independent systems (nodes) at rates up to 170 Mbyte/s.
  • Low profile PCIe form factor
  • Redundant transfer mode for extra error suppression
  • Error detection
  • Any node on the network can generate an interrupt in any other node on the network or in all network nodes with a single command
  • One independent DMA channel
  • 128 Mbyte or 256 Mbyte SDRAM Reflective Memory
  • Transfer rate 43 Mbyte/s (4 byte packets) to 170 Mbyte/s (64 byte packets)
  • Dynamic packet size, 4 to 64 bytes of data
  • Connection with multimode fiber up to 300m, single mode fiber up to 10km
  • Up to 256 nodes
  • Data written to memory in one node is also written to memory in all nodes on the network
  • High speed, easy to use fiber-optic network (2.12 Gbaud serially)
  • No processor overhead
  • No processor involvement in the operation of the network
  • PCI Express 2.5GHz signaling