SIL4 Certified
첨부파일1 cpci6200_ds_30apr2015_1430448926.pdf
■ PICMG 2.0/2.16 Processor Board
■ 1.3 or 1.5 GHz Freescale MPC8572 dual core integrated processor
■ Integrated north bridge in the processor (no frontside bus)
■ 2GB or 4GB ECC-protected DDR3-800
Hardware Processor/Chipset
 1.3 or 1.5 GHz Freescale MPC8572 processor
 32KB L1 cache for each core, 1MB L2 shared cache
 No front side bus, north bridge is integrated in the processor
 Quad embedded GbE, two front and two rear, to the rear transition module (RTM)
 Two integrated 4-channel DMA controllers
 64-bit, 66 MHz PLX6466 CompactPCI interface
Dual channel 3.2GB/s memory architecture
2GB or 4GB ECC-protected DDR3-800
User Flash / NVRAM Memory
■ 4GB NAND flash
Boot Flash Memory
■ 128MB NOR flash. Two independent banks of firmware flash, supporting failover
Compact Interface
■ Universal PLX6466 PPB
■ System- and peripheral-slot capability (64-bit/66/33 MHz)
I/O Capabilities
■ Four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
■ Variants with PICMG 2.16 and rear I/O routing
Two PMC sites supporting J3/J5 PMCIO
■ IPMI remote platform and system management support (PICMG 2.9)
■ One USB 1.1/2.0 interfaces (front)
■ Two COM interfaces (COM1 front, COM2 rear)
Other Features
■ Watchdog unit
■ Multiple 32-bit timers
■ Status and user LEDs
■ Reset switch
Power Requirements
■ Maximum for 1.3 GHz (CPCI6200), 2GB memory variant
    - 3.3V 6A 19.8W (Estimated)
    - 5.0V 5A 25.0W (Estimated)
■ Maximum for 1.5 GHz (CPCI6200), 4GB memory variant
    - 3.3V 7A 22.1W (Estimated)
    - 5.0V 5.7A 28.5W (Estimated)
Electromagnetic Compatibility ■ Intended for use in systems meeting the following regulations
    - U.S.: FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A (non-residential)
    - Canada: ICES-003, Class A (non-residential)
■ Emerson board products are tested in a representative system to the following standards, results pending 
    - CE Mark per European EMC Directive 89/336/EEC with Amendments; Emissions: EN55022 Class B; Immunity: EN55024
Environmental Requirements
■ Operating temperature: 0° C to +55° C
■ Relative humidity: 5% to 95% at +40° C (non-condensing)
Operating altitude: –300 m to +4500 m
■ Product complies with flammability ratings according to UL-94V0