SIL4 Certified
첨부파일1 cpx8216-DS.pdf
■ CompactPCI High Availability System
■ Dual 8-slot backplane or backplane with H. 110 bus to all I/O slots for high availability designs
■ A PowerPC® system controller CPU allows simplex or duplex configurations
■ Three 400W hot-swappable AC or DC power supply units provide N+1 redundancy
 Size: 21.00" [533 mm] high (12U), 18.90" [480 mm] wide including mounting flanges, 17.13" [435 mm] deep from mounting flanges
 Weight: Approx. 30 lb. [13.6 kg] unloaded. Approx. 70 lb. [31.85 kg] fully loaded.
 Mounting: Per EIA Standard RS-310-C in 19" rack or 23" rack with mounting brackets
 Slots: 16 hot swap-capable single-width (4HP) CompactPCI slots (two CPU, two HSC bridge and twelve I/O boards, IEEE 1101.10 compatible); 16 80mm transition slots, IEEE 1101.11 compatible
 Power Supplies: Three bays, front accessible
 Air Flow Front inlet, rear exhaust
 ESD Grounding: Two ESD ground points, one front and one rear
Hot Swap Controller(HSC) Bridge Card
Form Factor: 80 mm rear transition (CPX8216 models) 160 mm front loaded (CPX8216T models)
Control: CompactPCI bus and slot control per CompactPCI Hot Swap Specification
Alarm Status Registers: Yes
Hot Swappable: Yes
■ Domains: Two 8-slot, 64-bit CompactPCI; H.110 bussed to all I/O slots on CPX8216T models
■ Slots: One CPU slot, one HSC bridge slot, and six I/O slots per domain
■ DC Power Distribution: Yes
■ Alarm Signal Routing: Yes
Hot Swappable Alarm
■ CompactPCI Slot LEDs: Two for each slot; in service and out of service
■ Telco Status LEDs: Minor, major and critical
■ Output: RJ-45 connector with dry relay contacts
Cooling Features
■ Three hot-swappable, N+ 1 modules in system
■ DC tube axial fan (removable/replaceable)
■ Cooling sensor detects airflow and temperature changes
■ Air filter option
Electrical Specifications
■ Power Factor: 0.98 min. at full load, nominal line (AC only)
■ Inrush Current: 20 A peak @ 115 VAC for one line cycle 20 A peak @ –36 VDC within 4ms
Efficiency: >70% @ full load, nominal line – DC version >72% @ full load, nominal line - AC version
■ Output Power: 400W in this app lication
■ Hold-Over Storage: 20 ms at full load @ 115 VAC
■ Transient Response: All outputs return to 1% within 2 ms of a 25% load change