SIL4 Certified
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■ VMEbus Single-Board Computer
■ Up to 1.3 GHz system-on-chip Freescale MPC864xD with dual PowerPC® e600 processor cores
■ Extended temperature (-40 °C to +71 °C) and rugged board variants available
■ Four Gigabit Ethernet ports
Processor  Microprocessor: Freescale MPC864xD with dual PowerPC e600 cores

 Clock Frequency: 1.06 or 1.3 GHz

 On-chip L1 Cache (I/D): 32K/32K per core

 On-chip L2 Cache: 1MB per core

System Controller  Integrated within MPC864xD
Main Memory  Type: Double data rate (DDR2) SDRAM

 Speed: DDR2-533

 Capacity: 1GB or 2GB
Flash Memory  Type: NOR flash, on-board programmable

 Capacity: 128MB

 Write Protection: Hardware via switch, software via register or sector lock
NVRAM  Capacity: 32KB (4KB available for users)

 Cell Storage Life: 50 years at 55 °C

 Cell Capacity Life: 5 years at 100% duty cycle, 25 °C

 Removable Battery: Yes
Counters/Timers ■ TOD Clock Device: Maxim DS1375 I2C device with battery backup

 Cell Storage Life: 10 years at 25 °C

 Cell Capacity Life: One year at 100% duty cycle, 25 °C
VMEBus Interface  Compliance: ANSI/VITA 1-1994 VME64 (IEEE STD 1014), ANSI/VITA 1.1-1997 VME64 Extensions, VITA 1.5-199x 2eSST

 Controller: Tundra Tsi148 PCI-X to VMEbus bridge with support for VME64 and 2eSST protocols

 DTB Master: A16, A24, A32, A64; D08-D64, SCT, BLT, MBLT, 2eVME, 2eSST

 DTB Slave: A16, A24, A32, A64; D08-D64, SCT, BLT, MBLT, 2eVME, 2eSST, UAT
Ethernet Interfaces  Controller: MPC864xD Triple Speed (TSEC) Ethernet Controllers

 Interface Speed: Four @ 10/100/1000Mbps (TSEC)

 Connector: Two Gigabit Ethernet port routed to front panel RJ-45, two Gigabit Ethernet port to VMEBus P2 connector, pin out matching MVME7216E RTM
Asynchronous Serial Ports  Port 1

   - Controller: MPC864xD Duart (second port N/C)

   - Number of Ports: One 16550 compatible

 Port 2-5

     - Controller: Exar ST16C544D Quart

     - Number of Ports: Four 16550 compatible

 USB Interface

     - Controller: NEC μ720101

 Serial ATA Interface

     - Controller: Intel® G31244
Dual IEEE P1386.1 PCI Mezzanine Card Slots  Address/Data: A32/D32/D64, PMC PN1, PN2, PN3, PN4 connectors(PN4 for PMC1 only)

 PCI Bus Clock: 33/66 MHz or 100 MHz PCI/PCI-X

 Signaling: 3.3V

 Power: +3.3V, +5V, ±12V
Power Requirements
Board Variant
Power (+5V ±5%)
Typical: 40W
Maximum: 55W
Typical: 40W
Maximum: 55W
Typical: 45W
Maximum: 60W
Typical: 45W
Maximum: 60W
Board Size  Height: 233.4 mm (9.2 in.)

 Depth: 160.0 mm (6.3 in.)

 Front Panel Height: 261.8 mm (10.3 in.)

 Width: 19.8 mm (0.8 in.)